Equus Centre Summer Camp Registration Form


Residential Courses in Horsemanship for Girls

5613 Hwy 1, Granville Centre,  Anna. Co., N .S. BOS-1AO

Tel: (902) 532-1938 www.equuscentre.ca

Student’s Name ______________________________________________________ Parent’s Name ______________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________

City __________________Province ___________ Postal Code ____________

E Mail Address -________________________________

Telephone: Bus.________________Res.________________

Student’s Birthday _______________ Age July 1, __________________

Health Card # _________________ Expiry date_____________

Fee: $833.75 per one week session – tax included $350. deposit must accompany each registration.

Circle Desired Session :    Lease week- July 2-5 ( $480. plus $72.HST)Sunday will be a full riding day.

Session 1)  July 5-11  Session 2)   July19-25    Session 3)   Aug9-15

Lease week – August 16-22 ( For experienced riders to get extra riding time in a small group)  $833.75

Enclosed please find my cheque for $____________ to apply on camp fees which is to be returned if withdrawal is made on or before May 1. Please make all cheques payable to Equus Centre Inc. Balance of payment is due by May 1, 2020. Unless notified otherwise, receipt of your deposit confirms placing in the desired session. Please send in your registration as soon as possible in order to achieve your preferred session.

You can bring your own horse or pony. We do not charge for board if you bring your own feed and hay. All horses entering property must have proof of recent vaccinations.


Beginners: Never ridden, walk, trot, trotting poles, beginner canter Intermediate: Walk, trot, canter, cross rail / small course jumping, Level 1 dressage

SWIMMING LEVEL:______________________

CONDITIONS: Enrollment may be cancelled before May 1, 2020 and the application fee will be refunded.Refunds will not be made for cancellations after this date, except for medical reasons,accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.Registrations are open until camps are full. No reduction is allowed for campers arriving late, or leaving early in the period for which they are registered. No refunds for campers sent home early for misconduct.

I desire my child to participate in the full program and all activities unless I advise you otherwise in writing. I agree that, having taken such precautions as in your discretion or deemed advisable, you shall not be held responsible for any accident or sickness to my child. If for any reason my child requires medical attention or special medication beyond that furnished by the camp, I agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred.

Date ____________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian_____________________________________ Jennifer Weidhaas is a level 1 coach. References provided upon request.

Children's Residential Riding Camp and School