Preparing For Summer Camp

An introductory lecture begins Sunday evening .During the first two days of each session, campers are assessed by the instructors as to their experience and ability and are placed in the appropriate riding group. Each child has a horse to groom and look after during the session but campers ride all of the school’s horses. Children are supervised at all times and the barn is strictly off limits without staff present. For safety reasons, it is required that all campers have boots with a definite heel and an approved riding helmet. Lessons or rides are held twice daily and consist of groups of approximately five campers per group. In the evening counselors provide activities for campers to take part in which may or may not be horse related.

Treats and snacks are provided for all the campers. Since we are in the country, treats are not encouraged in the cabins or sleeping areas as they attract unwanted visitors. We are trying to promote healthy living . If you feel you have to send something, please send wrapped items, fruit or extra drinks. Our water is tested at the start of the season and campers are encouraged to bring a water bottle and drink plenty.

Camp  should be a break from the electronic world!!!Having said that ,I realize that campers use phones as cameras. They will not be allowed in the barn and minimal use will be encouraged.

MANDATORY AT CAMP – Approved helmet, rubber/leather riding boots or boots with a definite heel. Grooming kit- Dandy or body brush, hoof pick and lead rope.

SUGGESTED CLOTHING LIST – Riding breeches and riding gloves are optional. 1 sleeping bag/pillow/pillowcase sheet/blanket 2 pairs pajamas suntan lotion 2 towels (bath and beach) 1 wash cloth  underwear/socks/shorts / t-shirts 3 pairs jeans 1 sweater/windbreaker/raincoat 1 bathing suit 1 pair sneakers Toiletries including water cup or bottle 1 laundry bag Stationary items/ flashlight/mosquito repellent Please put nametags on every article. We will not be held responsible for any missing articles. Please do not bring items to camp of special value in case of loss. Please consider that suitcases should fit under the bunk beds.


Hair dryers and curling irons present a fire hazard and are not permitted.

Please keep snack food to a minimum, as this will be provided. Junk food in the cabins attracts mice and insects! Packages too big to fit in a mailbox are not delivered to Equus and will only be picked up if and when convenient. There is just not time in the day for staff to run back and forth to town to pick up candy that is already supplied at camp. Something left at home and required, no problem!

No children will be allowed to ride unless a signed insurance waiver is received. Unless notified otherwise, receipt of your deposit confirms placing in the desired session.

Arrival : Sunday 4:00-6:00 followed by a BBQ.

Children's Residential Riding Camp and School