Off Season Camp Registration

REGISTRATION – Fall Weekend &Off Season Camps

                    Residential Courses in Horsemanship for Girls (ages 9-18)

                   5613 Hwy 1, Granville Centre, Anna. Co., N.S. BOS-1AO

                                 Tel: (902) 532-1938

Student’s Name ______________________________________________________

Parent’s Name ______________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

City ________________ Province _____________ Postal Code _______

E Mail Address  ______________________________________                                         

Telephone: Area Code _________ Bus. _________________ Res.________________

Student’s Birthday _________________           Age __________________                  

 Health Card # ________________________ Expiry date      __________________

Check Desired Session 

Session and Fee:       Weekends include a lesson, meals and unlimited riding based on what horses and riders can do(usually 2-3 rides per day). Camps will be limited to 7 riders in our heated cabin,Checkmate.    

Thanksgiving Weekend 3 day  $270. Plus $40.50 HST = $310.50

March Break 7 days- Sunday morning  to Saturday afternoon –$630. Plus $94.50 HST = $724.50

Easter Weekend  4 day –  $360. Plus $54.HST= $414.      

*Inservice Weekends or any other weekends by appointment are at a rate of $103.50 per day tax included.           

October Inservice — 3 day weekend ( province wide in service)                                                                                                        Mother /Daughter Weekend  – Limited space, by request.  September /October                                                                                  

Enclosed please find my cheque for $____________ .

Please make all cheques payable to Equus Centre Inc. Arrival for weekends, the night prior, after dinner or early the first day before 10:00am at your convenience.Please advise when you will be arriving. Departure around 4:00-5:00 on the final day as convenient.

Has your child received Tetanus immunizations?            When?

Does your child have any known allergies?

In your absence, who do you wish to be contacted ? Please list 2 persons: name ,telephone, and relationship to the child.



If necessary will you give permission to obtain medical assistance ? Yes____ No ____

* Any medication a staff member or camper brings to camp must be handed over to the camp director with instructions written clearly.

Please be advised that due to the potential for serious injuries, riders must have an approved helmet and a boot with a definite heel.

CONDITIONS:1) Registrations open until camps are full. Children will not be allowed to ride until the insurance waiver is received signed.2) No reduction is allowed for campers arriving late, or leaving early in the period for which they are registered. No refunds for campers or C.I.T.’s sent home early for misconduct.

I desire my child to participate in the full program and all activities unless I advise you otherwise in writing. I agree that, having taken such precautions as in your discretion or deemed advisable, you shall not be held responsible for any accident or sickness to my child. If for any reason my child requires medical attention or special medication beyond that furnished by the camp, I agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred.

Date ______________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian _________________________________                                         

 Jennifer Weidhaas is a level 1 coach. References provided upon request.


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