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Horsemanship Program?

  • ¬†Progressive amount of riding-instruction in dressage, jumping, supervised free riding, trail rides and pony games.
  • Instruction and daily practice in care of horses and tack. Each camper will have a horse to look after and will be involved in two lessons or rides per day.IMG_2224
  • Arrival time 4:00-6:00pm Sunday. Departure is after 4:30 pm Saturday .
  • Air travelers, arrival and departures as close to midday Sundays as possible . Please advise in writing or e mail flight information.
  • Certificate and pictures on Saturday before departure.
  • Privately-owned Horses. Campers may bring their own horses. Please inquire about conditions. ¬†
  • Swimming. Under supervision of a Bronze Cross lifeguard, swimming is participated in as an activity in our in ground swimming pool.
  • Accommodations.-Campers reside in three bunkhouses along with staff. Each cabin is carpeted with screened windows and doors.IMG_1840 Meals are eaten in the dining hall and are home cooked, well balanced and tasty! Accommodations are immediately outside the farmhouse. Suitcases should fit under bunk beds. Dining hall2 Dining hall
  • Our water is tested annually , smoke detector batteries changed prior to camp, annual visit from Dept. of Agriculture- Food Inspection.

To avoid disappointment, please mail registrations in as soon as possible , with all fees paid by May, unless arrangements are made with the camp director for special circumstance.


Children's Residential Riding Camp and School